Effectively engaging customers in change management and day-to-day work

December 2010

As we approach the end of another year, many of us will be reflecting on the changes that we’ve undergone in our personal and business lives, and those to come in 2011.  We know that change, whether positive or negative, brings uncertainty, and that we and others can face it with more courage when we have a sense of being involved and in control in some way in our destiny.

RiverRhee Consulting Owner and Principal Consultant, Elisabeth Goodman, has continued to run workshops, and write blogs and articles on the themes of customer engagement and change management during 2010, and has more planned during 2011.  This newsletter summarises some of the highlights and plans1.

How to successfully implement business change

This was the last of 4 articles written for Pipeline, PIPA’s publication for Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance practitioners2.  It provides some step-by-step suggestions for how to effectively implement change whether relatively small operational changes, new IT systems, or more visible organisational changes such as those resulting from mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.  Since writing this article, Elisabeth has attended an APM meeting on ‘Influencer’3 – and so, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we will be studying this approach for new insights to help our own customers with.

Communicating change – some practical procedural guidance

This blog was inspired by ‘Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change’ by Lawrence Polsky and Antoine Gershel4, and focused on what we need to say and do during the 3 phases of change: launch, execution, sustain; the different kinds of communication needed for different situations; and some best practices for communicating change and handling (indeed welcoming!) resistance.

Implementing, sustaining and embedding process improvement

Disappointingly, December’s IQPC conference  “Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Devices” was cancelled, however it enabled Elisabeth Goodman to develop some key pointers on the various stages of implementing a process improvement programme, based on RiverRhee Consulting and others experiences which she will be looking for other opportunities to share.

Promoting Information Literacy for End Users

This course, delivered through TFPL, and first run in 2009, was held twice more during 2010, and is scheduled for the spring and autumn of 2011.  It provides delegates from Library and Information Management organisations with a highly interactive approach on how to implement and embed Information Literacy programmes in a way that really focuses on engagement of their customers or stakeholders.

Influencing your Stakeholders – Powerful techniques for marketing AND change management

In 2011, Elisabeth Goodman will be working with Shaida Dorabjee of SD Information Services (www.sdis.co.uk) to explore how marketing techniques can complement change management approaches for influencing stakeholders, in a new workshop to be delivered through UKeIG.

Transitioning Library and Information Service customers from consumers to collaborators – we still have a way to go..

This blog was a collection of reflections prompted by speakers at Internet Librarian International 2010 on the subject social media, a Library and Information Gazette5 article on ‘customer journey mapping’, and a Library and Information Update6 article on branding – all of them exploring ways for how to engage customers more effectively.

Closing thoughts

RiverRhee Consulting approach to working with organisations, and running workshops, seminars and training courses is to develop people’s capabilities and encourage them and their managers to use their knowledge and expertise more fully. Our goal is to enable our clients to continuously improve their work, and effectively embed change without always having recourse to outside consultants.  Elisabeth Goodman’s blog: Using consultants with purpose attempts to address the old-favourite: “Consultants ask to borrow your watch to tell you the time, and then walk off with your watch!”7

Related Blogs & Notes

1. You may wish to view our previous newsletter on these themes: Reflections on Customer Relationship Management and Change Management

2. Elisabeth Goodman (2010).  How to successfully implement business change.  Pipeline, The Journal of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacovigilance Association, Issue 30, September 2010, pp 41-43

3. “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything” by Kerry Patterson

4. “Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change” by Lawrence Polsky and Antoine Gershel

5. Erika Gavillet (2010).  Short cuts to satisfied customers.  Library and Information Gazette. 2-15 September 2010 p.11

6. Antony Brewerton and Sharon Tuersley (2010).  More than just a logo – branding at Warwick. Library and Information Update. October 2010 pp.46-48

7. Robert C. Townsend – author of: Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits (J-B Warren Bennis Series), Jossey Bass; Commemorative Edition edition (1 Jun 2007)

8. Elisabeth Goodman is Owner and Principal Consultant at RiverRhee Consulting: enhancing team effectiveness using process improvement, knowledge management and change management.  Follow the links to find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, and about Elisabeth Goodman.

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