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RiverRhee Consulting newsletters – pre-2011

See below for a table of RiverRhee Consulting newsletters prior to 2011.

The usual posting order of blogs is in reversal chronology, but these newsletters were transferred from a previous site, hence the actual chronological order!

Reflections on making better use of our time and resources May 2010
RiverRhee Consulting – 1 year old in July 2010! June 2010
Knowledge Management August 2010
‘Finding our voice’ – a route to greater employee engagement and empowerment? October 2010
Effectively engaging customers in change management and day-to-day work December 2010

RiverRhee Consulting, enhances team effectiveness through process improvement, knowledge and change management. Follow the link to find out about how RiverRhee Consulting can help your team to work more effectively for greater productivity and improved team morale.

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