The answer comes from within… with the help of others – RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter – December 2011

An idea, a new insight or a new way of working only become a reality when someone chooses to adopt them as their own

November and December have been a very enjoyable couple of months for RiverRhee Consulting, as we’ve had several opportunities to fulfill our vision of helping teams and the individuals within them to enhance the way they work, become more productive and improve their morale!

Whether these teams and individuals are being coached to enhance their skills, responding to or leading change, looking for ways to improve their processes, or sharing their knowledge and expertise, the solutions, and the will to adopt them rely on personal discovery and motivation.

A paradigm only becomes the new paradigm when we as an individual, or our team actually make it ours. We do usually need the help of others though to discover it, and often also to make it happen.

In a coaching conversation, the ‘correct’ answer is the coachee’s

This was a recurrent theme in Lucy Loh‘s and Elisabeth Goodman’s coach-the-coach work recently with an international retail organisation.  It can be a challenge to managers and coachees alike, if they have been more used to a directive approach, to encourage and wait patiently for the coachee to identify what they are going to differently and how.  But as our managers discovered, the outcome is so much more motivating for the coachee.

Change is a personal journey

This was a key theme in our CILIP East of England 1-day workshop on “Critical Success Factors for Personal and Organisational Change”.  Many of the Library and Information Professionals attending the course were experiencing or planning some very significant personal or work-related changes.

We spent some valuable time identifying where the participants were on the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross change curve, and planning what they could do for themselves and others to gain a greater understanding of the associated resistance and motivation, and develop some influencing, strategic and tactical approaches to gain greater control.

The real magic of finding opportunities for improvement comes from those directly involved in the work

John Riddell and Elisabeth Goodman have delivered a number of seminars and workshops now on Lean and Six Sigma, and on Knowledge Management.  Elisabeth was able to run one such workshop for a gold member organisation of the One Nucleus Life Science network for which RiverRhee Consulting is now a listed ‘Support Supplier’.

“The training provided was of very high quality and will enable a good start into rolling out lean six sigma into the organisation by empowering key members of staff who will champion this culture and rollout improvement projects.” Sarah Mardle, Senior Manager PDM Operations, Abcam plc

RiverRhee Consulting passes on the Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and methodologies to its clients, and we use our own related background experience to help them identify opportunities for improvement.  The real ‘magic’ though of finding savings in time and money, and of discovering ways to make the most of their expertise, comes from the individuals and teams concerned.  There’s nothing like the excited buzz in the room when this happens, nor the motivation and enthusiasm of those involved to go on tackling other problems and find and implement other solutions.

We look forward to more opportunities in 2012 to help our clients discover the magic and buzz of how you can improve the way you work.  In the meantime, we wish you a restful end-of-year holiday and all the best for 2012.

To find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, our range of off-site and in-house courses, and how we can help you “enhance team effectiveness” see the RiverRhee Consulting website or e-mail the author at

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