About RiverRhee Consulting

RiverRhee Consulting works with managers and teams in Library & Information management, and in the Pharmaceutical Industry / Life Sciences, to enhance team effectiveness.

The approaches we use are drawn from process improvement (Lean and Six Sigma), knowledge management, change management, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Belbin Team Roles and NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

We offer in-house and off-site training, coaching, team workshops, and where appropriate, hands-on project or change management and facilitation to help you:

– Build and develop your team
– Enhance your management skills
– Deliver consistent quality to your customers
– Simplify and streamline your processes
– Ensure that your business changes succeed

RiverRhee Consulting is a ‘Support Supplier’ for One Nucleus, an assured provider with Cogent Skills, and a corporate member of the Cambridge Network.

RiverRhee is run by Elisabeth Goodman, MCLIP, MAPM, who is also a member of APM, a Growth Accelerator Coach and Leadership & Management trainer, and a training provider for CILIP, TFPL, Aslib, UKeIG and other Library and Information membership organisations.

See RiverRhee Consulting training and development for further details of the kinds of training that we provide. Follow the RiverRhee Consulting newsletter for more information on our work in general.

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