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A second look at project management. RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter, November – December 2015

By Elisabeth Goodman, 26th November 2015

Why a second look at project management?

We have been running an introductory course on project management for Library and Information Professionals for a while now, through TFPL. This has just been rebranded as Successful Project Management.

We also include a short module on “Managing Projects, Processes and Problems” in our Introduction to Management course and find just this summary slide very effective to tease out challenges and opportunities for managing projects more effectively.

Project Management summary slide

One slide overview of some of the key components of project management

And our one-day course on project management for those working in science based industries has just been quality assured and approved for addition to our offerings via Cogent Skills.

Many people are expected to lead projects without having received any or very little formal training.  Although there are a lot of in-depth courses available for project managers, we’ve found we can make a big difference with just our one-day overview of the basics.

This newsletter picks up on four aspects of project management that have been cropping up quite regularly in our courses.  It also builds on one of our previous newsletters: Notes for the occasional project manager.

Working in a matrix environment – project charters

Many of the people we work with are both line and project managers.  Or they are managing people who also report to someone else in a matrix environment.


Managers exploring aspects of their responsibilities during RiverRhee’s November 2015 Introduction to Management course

Either way, it can be quite challenging to ensure that project team members have the support from their line managers, and are themselves committed to providing the time and attention that the project leader needs.

Individual project charters are a relatively simple tool that can facilitate conversations between the project leader, individual team members, and relevant line managers to discuss and agree roles, responsibilities and time commitments.

We recognise that project priorities will change, and individuals may be involved in more than one project, but the project charter provides a starting point for facilitating further conversations and agreements.

What to do if the project is not initiated by the project leader; how to influence your business development team

Many of the managers that we work with ‘inherit’ their project from someone else.  Sometimes this is the business development team who liaises directly with the company’s customers.  Or it may be another member of the management team.

The consequence is that the project comes to the project manager with the timelines, budgets, resources already defined.  They are not necessarily realistic, and may not be open to renegotiation.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience, continuous improvement, and learning in general, one approach might be to invite those who initiate projects, such as the business team, to project reviews. That way they can hear first hand what the impact of pre-defined timelines, budgets and resources have been on the project, what happened in practice, and what might be done differently next time.  There is more on learning reviews below.

Learning reviews

How to capture and make optimum use of learnings from projects is a perennial topic of conversation amongst both project and knowledge managers.  Project teams often do not make the time to reflect on how the project went, and to identify what successes they might build on in future projects, as well as what they might do differently.  Where they do capture such learnings, organisations seldom have a mechanism to act on these learnings in their future work.

We recently provided advice, organisation and facilitation for a retrospective learning review workshop for an organisation. The workshop participants identified 21 recommendations to act upon as a result of the learning review.  The organisation will also be adopting a simplified version of the learning review to support all future projects.

Risk management is not just for Health and Safety, nor just for Quality Assurance audits.

There is a lot of cross-over between the different disciplines that we support, as illustrated by a couple of seminars that I have recently co-led for the APM in my capacity as committee member for the Enabling Change Specific Interest Group (SIG).

We introduce our delegates to the FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) matrix used in Lean and Six Sigma.  It is a variation of risk management tools used in project management, in Health and Safety, and for Quality Assurance audits.

Risk analysis matrix or FMEA

Risk analysis or FMEA matrix

Project teams that take the time to go through this kind of analysis at the start of their projects, can do so with the insights that they and others have learned in previous projects.  Like all project management tools it is one to keep very much alive, constantly referred to and updated throughout the life of the project.

Other news

We also continue to be included in the ‘on demand’ course list for CILIP, and are in fact one of the first CILIP recognised CPD providers.  Our courses with CILIP include:

RiverRhee’s 2016 course and date list for Life Science companies is now available.  It includes the details for our one-day Introduction to Project Management course.

We are in the process of developing half-day versions of “Effective Influencing and Communication” and “Time and Meeting Management” to deliver to a local Life Science company and would be glad to discuss either of these with any one else who might be interested.  We are also able to provide training / coaching in Sales and Marketing.

We have also had expressions of interest for our new half-day “Management Development” workshop which uses the Myers Briggs (MBTI) tool to help participants gain more in-depth insights on their style as a manager and how to interact more effectively with others.  Do get in touch if you would like to join us for this.

Last but not least we could not resist sharing this wonderful testimonial from one of the delegates at our November Introduction to Management course: “I have been on numerous courses and this was by far the best.  Fantastic content, delivery and above all instructors.”

If you would like to find out more

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, our range of off-site and in-house workshops, and how we can help you to create exceptional managers, enhance team effectiveness and create an exceptional team.  See the RiverRhee Consulting website or e-mail the author at elisabeth@riverrhee.com.


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The curious learner. RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter, May-June 2015

By Elisabeth Goodman, 13th June, 2015

Why be a “curious learner”?

I have just come back from an invigorating visit to Belgium and the annual awards ceremony for the students of the British School of Brussels (BSB), my ex-school and one that my father, Mike Goodman, was a co-founder of.  The school’s motto is “Learning together, inspiring success” and both the Principal of the school Sue Woodroofe, and the attending BSB Trustee, Belgian Minister of State Mark Eyskens, helped to drive this message home.

Leuven University Library

Leuven University Library – BSB students are presented with their annual awards in the nearby University hall.

The second influence for this newsletter’s theme actually came a few days earlier in the form of an article in The Observer of 7th June by Ian Leslie, author of “Curious: The Desire to Know and Why your Future Depends on it”. This is where I came across the phrase “curious learner”. Leslie’s observations on the importance of enquiring minds and continuous learning to create the intellectual capital that is crucial to today’s innovative world really struck a chord.

So what is the connection with RiverRhee Consulting?

We at RiverRhee are continuously developing our own knowledge

Sue Woodroofe suggested that the purpose of learning should not just be one of imparting knowledge, but of giving students the means to develop their wisdom! Ian Leslie suggested that we should be helping students to become not only specialists (suited for specific jobs) but also generalists, with a curiosity that enables them to span many disciplines; echoes perhaps of the likes of Leonardo de Vinci and the Renaissance man, but also of successful modern day managers and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

We are striving for something like this in developing our own knowledge at RiverRhee, continuously learning about new areas that will bring novelty and added depth to all of our offerings for enhancing team effectiveness and for creating exceptional managers and teams.

So for instance I attended the first of what I hope will be many more workshops with David Hall from The Ideas Centre to enrich how we facilitate workshops (see Facilitation – some new ideas) in general, and also approaches to continuous improvement in our Introduction to Lean Sigma training.

Using lego with The Ideas Centre for solution development

Using lego with The Ideas Centre for solution development

I have been exploring Motivational Maps with Joy Bemrose of Winning Workplace (this is also something that our Associate Lorraine Warne can also support) as something additional to share in our Supervisor Training and Introduction to Management courses. How to motivate their direct reports is something that our delegates often flag as a particular challenge.

Janet Burton and I are always looking for ways to deliver greater value to the delegates in our Introduction to Management course. The feedback that we receive is invaluable for this, but we are also going to pilot a new approach in next week’s course: inviting a guest speaker to lead a 30 minute slot on a new topic that we believe will be of interest. Next week’s guest is Jacqui Watson of SymplyChange Ltd, speaking on Transactional Analysis as an additional resource for dealing with difficult situations. We are open to suggestions as to what will appear in September’s course.

I have been working with another of our Associates, Margie Gardiner to develop some further content, in response to a customer’s request, for our Introduction to Lean Sigma course. Like many approaches to Lean and Six Sigma, ‘5S’ (Sort, Store, Shine, Standardise, Sustain) provides a relatively simple but structured approach for better organising and streamlining our work, and thereby make better use of our time and resources. This added content will also appear in my latest workbook “The Effective Team’s Operational Excellence Workbook” that will be coming out shortly.

Other ways in which we help our clients to be curious learners

Our ideal clients are those who come to us because they have a desire to learn some new principles and tools that will enable them to address their challenges at work. So we take an “action learning” approach to our workshops, and in our coaching and consulting. Our clients bring their challenges. We teach them some approaches. They apply the approaches and gain new knowledge and skills, as well as real solutions to their challenges.

People come to us as curious learners, and hopefully they continue as such beyond their interactions with us.

So our management workshops are very interactive, as shown in our latest RiverRhee Consulting: Management Workshops video.

An interactive exercise in our Introduction to Management course

An interactive exercise in our Introduction to Management course

As delegates to our November Introduction to Lean Sigma course will discover this topic is all about stimulating continuous learning for continuous improvement.

John Riddell’s and my upcoming conference ‘master class’ at CILIP’s 2015 conference will be promoting “learning before, during and after” to enable library and information professionals to act as ‘knowledge facilitators’ in their organisations.

Last but not least, October’s Managing Change course will continue to encourages those working in Life Science based organisations to learn to understand those affected by the change in order to more effectively deliver change programmes. In fact I was interested to hear Belgian Minister of State Mark Eyskens’ assertion that our general understanding of cognitive behaviour i.e. how we all think and operate, lags far behind many other branches of our knowledge. No wonder that their own and other’s behavioural reactions to change is the aspect that so many leaders of change find the most challenging!

Time to have some more conversations with Lorraine Warne on how NLP is an “instruction manual for the mind”.  We can learn a lot from personality tools such as MBTI and Belbin Team Roles too as per this recent testimonial from one of our clients: “I’m sure I speak for all of the team when I say how informative and valuable yesterday’s [Belbin Team Roles] session was.  I know that we will be able to use this new-found knowledge to grow stronger individually, as a team and as a business – thank you.”

Closing thoughts

I continue to do voluntary work as a Trustee with The Red Balloon Learner Centre in Cambridge, and have also recently become involved as a volunteer assisting the Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership.  It is extremely rewarding to contribute to young people’s learning in this way and to gain a window into their world which is so insightful for our own approach to work and life in general.

I’d like to finish by quoting another article, this time in the Observer Magazine of 7th June, with Stephen Mangan who said: “I’d like my kids to know that everyone’s making it up as they go along. You want to find that balance between self-confidence and arrogance, and an ability to enjoy the moment versus an ambition to improve.” I might suggest replacing the word “arrogance” with “humility” and insert ‘by being a curious learner” before the final full stop. I certainly agree that we should have fun and enjoy our continuous improvement journey!

About RiverRhee Consulting

RiverRhee Consulting has been delivering training, mainly in the form of workshops, and coaching since 2009.

Subject areas include:

  • Supervisor and management skills.
  • Team building & effectiveness.
  • Operational excellence (Lean and Six Sigma).
  • Change management.
  • Project management.
  • Knowledge management.

We are training providers for several library and information groups such as CILIP, Aslib, TFPL.  Discounts are available for One Nucleus members, and through the Cogent Skills, Skills for Growth programme.

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, our range of off-site and in-house workshops, and how we can help you to create exceptional managers and teams in 2015 and beyond.

Elisabeth Goodman receiving the Cogent Skills Assured Training Provider certificate on behalf of RiverRhee Consulting

Elisabeth Goodman receiving the Cogent Skills Assured Training Provider certificate in May, on behalf of RiverRhee Consulting

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Looking back on 2014 and forward to 2015. RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter, November – December 2014

RiverRhee Consulting, 11th December 2014


December is traditionally a time when many of us reflect on our achievements, what we have learned and what we can look forward to in the coming year.

2014 has been our most active and varied year so far, in the just over five years of RiverRhee’s existence. We thought we would share a little about our achievements and our learning, and several things that might be of interest to you in 2015 under the headings:

  • Developing management and interpersonal skills
  • Managing and dealing with change
  • Continuous improvement
  • Knowledge management
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Upcoming courses

Developing management and interpersonal skills is an important area for growing SMEs as well as larger organisations

Interest in Elisabeth Goodman’s and Janet Burton’s off-site courses and customised in-house training and coaching for new managers and supervisors has really taken off in 2014. Our client base for management related skills is continuing to expand with bookings for January through to March 2015.

Delegates at our Introduction to Management course, September 2014

Delegates at our Introduction to Management course, September 2014

We have learnt that some SMEs can spare the time for people to attend our off-site 3-day Introduction to Management course and really appreciate the opportunity to network with and learn from colleagues from other companies.

Equally important though, is our ability to customise our Supervisor Training course so that the content and duration match what other clients would prefer to have delivered in-house. Elisabeth and Janet ran one such course for Red Balloon, Cambridge and subsequently shared the experience in the blog “There will never be enough time

Sometimes our support takes the form of short coaching sessions with individual managers – we did some of this in 2014, and are due to do more in 2015.

How to enhance team effectiveness is one of the topics included in supervisor and management training, and Elisabeth recently published “The Effective Team’s High Performance Workbook”, now available through Amazon as well as through the RiverRhee publishing page.

We’ve also found that SMEs appreciate the help we can give them in reviewing and rolling out improved performance review and appraisal processes . And we have used Elisabeth’s and Lorraine Warne’s skills in MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and NLP (NeuroLinguisticProgramming) to help individuals understand their strengths and enhance their interpersonal skills.

Managing and dealing with change is a big topic of interest

We have run workshops and delivered seminars on the subject of change for Library and Information organisations (CILIP, UKeIG, Health Libraries Group), and at Project Management (APM) events in 2014 (see for example “Common factors for managing successful change“).

Changing the way we change - APM event at GSK June 2014

Changing the way we change – APM event at GSK June 2014

This subject continues to be something that people would like more help with, so that they can make change happen in a more positive and effective way.

We have introduced a new off-site course on Managing Change for Life Science organisations in 2015 and look forward to finding out how popular this will be.

Elisabeth Goodman became the ‘pillar lead’ for Capabilities and Methods in the APM Enabling Change SIG, and this is already giving her access to new knowledge to bring into our work with clients. We also recently heard that Elisabeth’s jointly authored article with Lucy Loh’s “Organizational Change: A Critical Challenge for Team Effectiveness” is to be included in a collection of such articles in an academic work entitled “Change Leadership” edited by Colette Dumas and Richard H. Beinecke which will be published by SAGE Publications in May 2015.

There continues to be an appetite for continuous improvement

We have continued to run in-house courses on Lean and Six Sigma, and are now offering this also as an off-site course in 2015. In fact, this is one of three courses (the other two being Introduction to Management, and Managing Change) that we are now accredited to deliver through Cogent as another source of potential subsidised funding for SMEs. (Elisabeth also continues to be a registered coach and trainer with the GrowthAccelerator programme and organised a fairly well attended free event with them at Babraham Science Park in the summer.)

We delivered a half-day version of the Lean and Six Sigma course as one of two seminars with Janet Burton for the Herts Chamber of Commerce, and there are prospects of delivering more of these in 2015.

We facilitated some in-house continuous improvement with an academic organisation during 2014, and a few of the delegates who visited our stand at One Nucleus’ recent Genesis event also expressed interest to Sue Parkins and John Riddell in potential support from us in this area in 2015.

(By the way, Sue joined our team of associates during 2014, along with Paul Hadland, Rose Bolton and Margie Gardiner.  We shared a little more about the team under the theme of “What motivates us in our work“.)

Look out for Elisabeth’s next book on the topic of continuous improvement in 2015: “The Effective Team’s Operational Excellence Workbook”.

Our work in knowledge management has picked up some new momentum

The big news was the publication of Elisabeth and John’s book with Gower “Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry” at the end of August. An immediate outcome was that we were invited to give an “inspiring” talk to help a Pharmaceutical company develop its knowledge management strategy.

Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell

Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell

Elisabeth also delivered a session on Knowledge Management to IMPI earlier in the year on behalf of TFPL, and worked with the Open University Library Services to carry out an audit and facilitate a stakeholder workshop for their metadata project.

Our strategy facilitation skills have been in demand

We returned to the EU organisation that Elisabeth and Lorraine Warne had worked with in 2013 to help them shape their forward strategy.

We called in another independent consultant, Janette Thomas, at the start of the year to help us with a strategic workshop with a health research organisation.

And Elisabeth has been working with a government organisation to facilitate a workshop and a focus group to help shape one of their strategies.

Upcoming courses

Details of our upcoming courses and events are kept up-to-date on our website. Here is what the list is looking like at the moment:

If you would like to find out more

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, our range of off-site and in-house workshops, and how we can help you to create exceptional managers and teams in 2015.  See the RiverRhee Consulting website or e-mail the author at elisabeth@riverrhee.com.

Meanwhile, we wish you a healthy and happy end of year and start to 2015…


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The answer comes from within… with the help of others – RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter – December 2011

An idea, a new insight or a new way of working only become a reality when someone chooses to adopt them as their own

November and December have been a very enjoyable couple of months for RiverRhee Consulting, as we’ve had several opportunities to fulfill our vision of helping teams and the individuals within them to enhance the way they work, become more productive and improve their morale!

Whether these teams and individuals are being coached to enhance their skills, responding to or leading change, looking for ways to improve their processes, or sharing their knowledge and expertise, the solutions, and the will to adopt them rely on personal discovery and motivation.

A paradigm only becomes the new paradigm when we as an individual, or our team actually make it ours. We do usually need the help of others though to discover it, and often also to make it happen.

In a coaching conversation, the ‘correct’ answer is the coachee’s

This was a recurrent theme in Lucy Loh‘s and Elisabeth Goodman’s coach-the-coach work recently with an international retail organisation.  It can be a challenge to managers and coachees alike, if they have been more used to a directive approach, to encourage and wait patiently for the coachee to identify what they are going to differently and how.  But as our managers discovered, the outcome is so much more motivating for the coachee.

Change is a personal journey

This was a key theme in our CILIP East of England 1-day workshop on “Critical Success Factors for Personal and Organisational Change”.  Many of the Library and Information Professionals attending the course were experiencing or planning some very significant personal or work-related changes.

We spent some valuable time identifying where the participants were on the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross change curve, and planning what they could do for themselves and others to gain a greater understanding of the associated resistance and motivation, and develop some influencing, strategic and tactical approaches to gain greater control.

The real magic of finding opportunities for improvement comes from those directly involved in the work

John Riddell and Elisabeth Goodman have delivered a number of seminars and workshops now on Lean and Six Sigma, and on Knowledge Management.  Elisabeth was able to run one such workshop for a gold member organisation of the One Nucleus Life Science network for which RiverRhee Consulting is now a listed ‘Support Supplier’.

“The training provided was of very high quality and will enable a good start into rolling out lean six sigma into the organisation by empowering key members of staff who will champion this culture and rollout improvement projects.” Sarah Mardle, Senior Manager PDM Operations, Abcam plc

RiverRhee Consulting passes on the Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and methodologies to its clients, and we use our own related background experience to help them identify opportunities for improvement.  The real ‘magic’ though of finding savings in time and money, and of discovering ways to make the most of their expertise, comes from the individuals and teams concerned.  There’s nothing like the excited buzz in the room when this happens, nor the motivation and enthusiasm of those involved to go on tackling other problems and find and implement other solutions.

We look forward to more opportunities in 2012 to help our clients discover the magic and buzz of how you can improve the way you work.  In the meantime, we wish you a restful end-of-year holiday and all the best for 2012.

To find out more about RiverRhee Consulting, our range of off-site and in-house courses, and how we can help you “enhance team effectiveness” see the RiverRhee Consulting website or e-mail the author at elisabeth@riverrhee.com.

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Making the most of what you’ve got – RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter – October 2011

Our last newsletter celebrated the range of workshops, courses and seminars that RiverRhee Consulting had been able to line up for enhancing team effectiveness over the next few months.

Unfortunately, the reality has been that several of our courses have had to be cancelled or postponed as organisations have found their budgets cut, and the time of their people too restricted to attend external courses.  Conference organisers have been experiencing a similar situation for a while, as was brought home to us when a business transformation conference that John Riddell was due to speak at on Lean and Six Sigma was cancelled this month.

Continuous learning is important for making the most of what you’ve got, so what are the alternatives for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

CILIP (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) is reviewing the approach to CPD as part of the overall shake-up that they have been going through.   An approach that they are continuing to support is that of  ‘on-site’ training.  This allows client organisations to really tailor the content, format and price of the training to their requirements.  Elisabeth Goodman met with the CPD team recently to begin exploring how some of our training can be included in this mix.  We’ll share more information on this in due course.

Lucy Loh and Elisabeth Goodman are part-way through a contract with a retail organisation, to help their managers enhance their coaching skills, and hence their sale staff’s interactions with customers.  This is a great example of on-the-job CPD: enhancing the manager’s skills in coaching, and using coaching to develop the skills of their people.

Some organisations are still choosing to use external consultants to develop the abilities of their staff in something akin to a mentoring role – and Elisabeth Goodman’s work has continued in this context with the Pharmaceutical CRO in France to introduce Lean and Six Sigma for continuous improvement as a way of working.

Continuous improvement is another way of making the most of what you’ve got.

John Riddell and Elisabeth Goodman are in discussion with a member of the One Nucleus network (for those working in the Life Sciences) on how RiverRhee Consulting could best help them to adopt Lean and Six Sigma for continuous improvement.

We are also still offering the off-site “Smart Working for Business Growth and Innovation” course through One Nucleus, to help organisations who are looking to make the most of what they’ve got by more effectively focusing on their customers and other stakeholders, and thereby boosting their team’s productivity, creativity and morale on an on-going basis.

Making the most of the knowledge within your organisation

One of RiverRhee Consulting’s offerings is to help organisations develop knowledge management strategies to make the most of their internal knowledge and expertise.  Elisabeth Goodman’s continued work as Programme Events Manager with NetIKX enabled her to arrange a recent seminar with Chris Collison, which included a useful break-out discussion on introducing Knowledge Management strategies. 

Making the most of your team – achieving high performing teams and managers

Lucy Loh and Elisabeth Goodman have just finished an article for Business Information Review on team effectiveness during organisational change, and Elisabeth has also finished a chapter on team development for the Gower Handbook on People in Project Management.  We’ll share the details of these once published.  In the meantime, how to achieve high-performing teams is a recurring thread in Elisabeth’s work with her associates at Stronger Business Ltd where she has co-delivered on-site training for ‘first time’ managers, and will be presenting at a local seminar on ‘Stronger Business Management’.

Looking outwards – open innovation and collaboration as a way of supplementing what you’ve got

Elisabeth Goodman is continuing with her work as co-founder of OI Pharma Partners.  We’re looking forward to the upcoming workshop Open Innovation – a primer: An interactive workshop bringing insights from the life science and IT sectors, which will help participants to explore how they can introduce this way of working into their organisations.

Being flexible and resilient in experiencing and introducing change

Making the most of what we’ve got is also about being able to cope with all the change that we are experiencing, and being ‘savvy’ about how we introduce it to others.

Our upcoming one-day workshop on “Critical success factors for effective personal and organisational change”, being offered through CILIP East of England in November, is proving popular.  We are looking forward to helping participants discover a range of change management techniques to equip them with the necessary skills and techniques for effective and positive change.

We can help you make the most of what you’ve got

We are always happy to discuss options for enhancing team effectiveness, and making the most of what you’ve got. Please get in touch at info@riverrhee.com, or, to find out more about RiverRhee Consulting and what we have to offer see the RiverRhee Consulting website, the RiverRhee Consulting newsletter, or Elisabeth Goodman’s blog.

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Autumn courses for Enhancing Team Effectiveness – RiverRhee Consulting Newsletter – August 2011

A range of courses relating to enhancing team effectiveness to suit different sectors and professions

Many of us are coming to the end of our summer holidays and turning our thoughts to the autumn with renewed energy and determination!

We are particularly pleased by the range of workshops, courses and seminars that RiverRhee Consulting has been able to line up for enhancing team effectiveness over the next few months.

As usual, we are offering these through other organisations, so that individuals and teams from various sectors and professional organisations can benefit from them.

Here then is the line-up for the autumn.

Project Management for Charity, Voluntary, Not-for-profit, and Community based Organisations.

Achieving Strategic and Operational Goals” is a 1-day workshop-based course that draws on established project management techniques to enable you and your team to develop a roadmap and the necessary components for achieving your current goals.  The course will also equip you with the essential skills and tools to tackle future operational and strategic projects.

We’re offering this course through Charity Funding Solution, on Friday 7th October, in Huntingdon, UK.

Change Management techniques for Library and Information Management professionals.

We are offering two workshop style courses on this topic.

Promoting Information Literacy for End Users” takes delegates through a step-by-step  ‘how to guide’ for promoting information literacy for their end users, tailored to their particular organisational environment. The ‘how to guide’ includes:

  • A reminder of the essential components for information literacy
  • Alternative approaches for educating end users and promoting information literacy
  • A set of tailored next steps along with supporting materials for the delegates to take away with them

This is about our 4th time of running the course, so that we have been able to continuously enhance it with reflections from previous delegates.  It is being offered through TFPL, on Thursday 13th October, in London, UK.

Our second one-day workshop on Change Management is being offered through CILIP East of England, on Wednesday 23rd November, in Bury St Edmunds, UK.

Information professionals are experiencing perhaps one of their most challenging times in terms of implementing organisational change and experiencing it at a personal level.

Critical success factors for effective personal and organisational change” will enable participants to consider the ‘journey’ of positive and negative change and to experiment with a range of change management techniques in a participative and practical way to equip them with the necessary skills and techniques for effective and positive change.

Process Improvement (Lean and Six Sigma) and Knowledge Management for Biotech, Pharma and other Life Science organisations.

Whether your business is already growing or you have plans in hand to make it grow, it is important that you have a foundation of sound business practices to ensure that you fully understand what your customers value, can deliver that value as efficiently as possible, and free up the talent within your organisation to continue to innovate and grow.  The process mapping and improvement techniques covered in “Smart Working for Business Growth and Innovation” provide a tool-kit for more effective focus on your customers and other stakeholders, and for boosting your team’s productivity, creativity and morale on an on-going basis.

This one-day highly interactive and practical course is being offered through One Nucleus, on Friday 21st October, in Cambridge, UK.

Other seminars and courses on the horizon

In addition to the above, we are developing a series of short seminars for local businesses, in Royston, UK on Communication, Management skills, and Business Development through Stronger Business Ltd; and three 1-day courses on topics relating to team effectiveness for Pharma students and practitioners in Turkey through Academy Anatolia.

Contact us to discuss tailored training and support to suit you and your team’s requirements

We hope one or more of the above will appeal to you.  If you are interested in how to enhance the effectiveness of your team, but are either unable to attend one of these events, or the description does not quite meet your needs, then do please get in touch at info@riverrhee.com.

We are always happy to discuss options for in-house courses or other forms of support for enhancing team effectiveness, or may be able to arrange an alternative off-site workshop.

To find out more about RiverRhee Consulting and what we have to offer please see the RiverRhee Consulting website, the RiverRhee Consulting newsletter, or Elisabeth Goodman’s blog.

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